Weekly Service

At Artistry Pool Solutions, our technicians are ready to take care of all your pool maintenance needs. Let our trained staff help save you valuable time that you can spend with family and friends. We will also save you money by not having to purchase expensive chemicals and avoiding costly mistakes and repairs to equipment. We offer month to month service, so there are no long term contracts to sign. Most of our customers have been with us for over a decade, and we are proud of the trust and confidence they put in us.

We offer a full service cleaning which includes chemical testing and balancing, surface netting, emptying the skimmer baskets, pump baskets and cleaner bags. Vacuuming, brushing and backwashing of your filter will be done as needed. We will also visually inspect your equipment on each visit for any problems that might arise.

We offer a chemical only service which includes chemical testing and balancing, emptying the skimmer baskets and pump baskets. The filter will be backwashed as needed. We will also visually inspect your equipment on each visit for any problems that might arise. 

There are no long term service contracts and never any hidden charges. If any repairs are needed, we notify you of what is needed and the costs of the repair before any work is performed. In most cases, this cost can be added to your monthly invoice. 

Custom Remodels

Need to renovate your pool? Is your plaster pitted and rough? Are you tired of the same old colors on your pool surface, tile, coping or decking? We can help. Over time, every pool starts to show signs of wear and the colors and patterns that once looked great no longer do. Let us help you re-fresh or change the look of your pool to turn it back into the pool of your backyard oasis. 

We offer a full line of remodels including:
Pool Resurfacing
Water Features

Call us today for your free Estimate. 

Equipment Repairs

We fix or replace all brands of pool equipment. We will quickly diagnose the problem and help you decide the best options for repairs. We offer new Variable Speed pumps designed to consume 90% less energy along with other energy efficient equipment options. Our technicians go through advanced training on all the latest technologies so we can help make your pool more efficient and save you money. Artistry Pool Solutions is licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TICL 396) to safely perform all of your pool equipment’s electrical installation needs. We employ a friendly, professionally trained staff who has also completed background checks and pre-employment drug testing. 

Services Include:
Pool Automation Systems
Variable Speed Pumps
Salt Water systems
Ozone Systems
Automatic Pool Cleaners

Pool Schools

We offer pool schools for when you really are not sure how to operate your equipment or if you just want to get some help on how to properly use your equipment to its potential. If you just bought a house that has a pool or if you don’t understand how your equipment operates, this is for you. We will come out and walk you through each piece of equipment, tell you what it is and how it works and help you set it up so it can work properly. This can help avoid expensive mistakes in the long run. Each pool school will cover pumps, filters, heaters, controllers, cleaners, valves any other specialty equipment you have and basic chemistry balancing.

If you feel your pool is losing more water than normal, let us help you determine if there is a leak. First thing you need to do is determine if it’s a leak or evaporation. Click here to see how to perform a Bucket Test. ( 
Also remember that waterfalls, spa spillways and fountains will cause the water in your pool to evaporate faster when they are running. Turn these off when doing a bucket test. 

Pool Inspections

If you are looking to by a house that has a pool, give us a call and we will come out and inspect the pool equipment to make sure it is working properly and do a visual inspection. You will receive a written report with our findings and also an estimate of any repairs needed so you can make an informed decision by knowing what costs lie ahead before you buy the house. If diving is required to inspect underwater cracks, it is available at an additional cost. 


We install handrails to assist getting in and out of the pool or spa. This can usually be done on any decking surface, and the process takes less than two days to complete. Call for free estimates. 

One Time Pool Cleanings

We offer one time cleanings for that special event or for larger clean-ups. The cleanings are priced per visit and in some cases can take up to three visits to fully get the pool back in shape. Prices are by quote only and depend on the condition the pool is in at the time of the one-time clean.

Drain and Cleans

If you can’t see the bottom or if algae won’t easily brush off the sides of the wall, it might need to be drained and completely cleaned out. Pool water needs to be refreshed every 3 to 5 years to remove the Total Dissolved Solids, and to bring down the levels of your cyanuric acid and high calcium. By having your pool drained and cleaned, you will be able to start over with fresh, clean water. On some drain and cleans, an acid wash is needed to remove heavier stains in the pool. Acid washes can usually be done up to three times during the life of the plaster. If your pool plaster has become pitted, it might be time to have your pool re-surfaced. Call us for your free estimate. 

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